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Travelling Without Your Pets

Travelling Without Your Pets

Preparing to embark….on a purriceless adventure!

It’s that time of year. Summer is in full swing, the kids are about to finish for their summer holidays, and you’re ready and raring to go on the long awaited getaway. But unfortunately, not all the family members can attend.  It can be a hard decision leaving your pet behind, especially with those woeful eyes looking at you. However, it can sometimes be in their best interest for their health and well-being. You may feel it's more appropriate to leave your pet at home, especially if you're holidaying abroad. For some, finding a good place to keep your pet safe and happy during your time away is a hard process. Whether you turn to friends and family, or special kennels and catteries, there’s always an easy option to keep your pet in good hands (or paws!). 

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