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At PurrfectlyYappy.com

We know pets, between our staff we have probably looked after every variety of pet you can imagine. Not only do we love animals, we also have a long history of being involved in the pet business.


Our directors are best known as the management team behind such titles as Dogs Today and Dogs Monthly magazines. This heritage means that we have over 27 years of knowledge and experience behind us, and we know that pet owners are invested in quality, and only want the best for their pet.
That's why we created PurrfectlyYappy.com - a website where caring pet owners love to shop.


What's Different about Us? 

Want to shop for a collar for your dog?
We have it here. 
Want to shop for a mug with a beautiful print of a dog?
We have it here.


Want jewellery designed with dog-lovers in mind?
We have it here.


At PurrfectlyYappy.com, we pride ourselves in sourcing the best products for your pet, home and human. If you're a pet owner or an animal lover, we have something you'll love.
We believe that this, combined with our years of experience, makes us a little different from everyone else.
We invest a lot of time looking for high quality brands that you'll love, so there is something for everyone (and every pet) in one place. We're always adding new products to keep you and your pet up to date with the latest brand innovations.


How do we work?

Everything you see or buy on purrfectlyyappy.com comes direct from the business that designs, makes or sources it. We simply bring these businesses together under one roof making it easy for you to browse and shop.

Whether the items you’re buying are coming from one or several sellers, you’re able to pay for them all in one easy checkout.