Travelling Without Your Pets

Travelling Without Your Pets

1. Home care

The first go to option when it comes to pet care, would be the best for everyone. For your pet to be looked after in its own home, with a friendly face whilst you are away, it will make them feel a lot more relaxed. It’s clearly a cheaper alternative, although not one of the easiest. With many people away in July and August, it’s hard to find a friend or family member who is available to do the big favour. Getting a friendly face to stay at your own home to take care of the pets is a fantastic idea; not only will your pet be relaxed, your mind will be at ease. Always ask around in advance, maybe that way people can work around you and your holiday to make things easier! And hey, that means you can return the favour and ta-da, happy pets and even happier owners!

2. Pet sitter

If you can’t find someone you know, and cant bare to move your beloved pet away from the family home, then a house-pet sitter is definitely a worthy option.  Being able to stay in their own environment is much more pleasant for them all round, even if they do so with someone they don't know. However, the most important factor to keep in mind is to make the company is a well-know, reputable company. Ask around; relatives, friends, friends of friends, anyone who has used a service before will be able to help. You have to feel comfortable with the person, so this option can be a difficult one to comprehend.

3. Sleepover!

Finding someone to stay in your home is ideal, however it is hard to manage. For the friend or relative who has lovingly agreed to take care of your beloved furry friend, it ma be a nuisance for them to move into your home for a while. So it’s worth asking them if they would be willing to take them into their loving arms, under their wing and be their temporary carer. If this works for you, then bringing your pets beloved possessions will make the move a lot easier. Even leaving an item of clothing of yours with the pet will make them feel at ease, as they will be able to smell your familiar smell. They might also know your pet well and vice versa, and be more comfortable in each other's company.

4. Kennels and Catteries

This is the more obvious option for all pet owners looking for a loving home. But don’t jump at the first pet hotel you see. It’s worth asking around, friends or relatives, and seeing what they use/have used in the past. Your mind will be at ease knowing the good services they provide. Typical benefits include providing regular exercise, food and any basic medication requirements your pet needs. If you can’t get any recommendations, then the Internet will be of great help. There are more kennels and catteries in the UK than anyone can imagine. And this doesn't make the choice any easier! Research is key; read all reviews available. Make sure you go to see the temp-home in person, and then you can get a real feel of the place. It could even be work booking a trial day, just to see how your four-legged friends get on. Ensure that the staff are friendly and take note of how they are with the animals. Chances are, they will be pretty amazing at delivering a first class service.

It is never a very good idea to have someone just drop in to see your dog and any other animals you have just two or three times a day. Remember your animal needs to have company because they will miss you when you are away.

Sam Gosheron

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