Christmas Shopping Already?

Christmas Shopping Already?

It already feels like Christmas is here at Purrfectly Yappy, and we’ve got lots of lovely gifts for your dog, cat and your human – even a few Christmas decorations!
Our Christmas shop has just opened up, so why not have a browse and see if there’s anything you fancy?

Christmas gifts for your pet:

While we’ve indulged in the usual fun Christmas jumpers for dogs, we also have a beautiful collection of festive themed collars, leads and bandanas by Salt Dog Studios.
My two Jack Russells can just about stand to be dressed up for a few quick photos if I bribe them excessively with treats, but as cute as they look in little Santa outfits, they never last too long! I’m a big fan of the Salt Dog Studios slip-on dog bandanas, as they make you feel like your dog is in the Christmas Spirit without being too intrusive for your pet. They also offer beautiful festive collars made with ribbon, so if you really want to get in the festive spirit, even your dog walks can be Christmas-themed!


While not all dogs are suited to dressing up at Christmas, some smaller dogs can feel the cold in the winter months, and don't mind wearing a coat or jumper to keep them warm. Urban Pup have a brilliant range of Christmas Jumpers for smaller dogs (largest size will fit a Westie or French Bulldog, and the smallest size will fit small Chihuahuas). We think that these fun jumpers offer a great opportunity to have a bit of festive fun with your dog's wardrobe whilst also being warm enough to be practical.



Our Christmas shop for dogs also offers great festive toys for your pet! We love the giant penguin toy, which measures an impressive 49cm tall! Somewhere among the mass of penguin toy there is also a squeaker - if your dog can manage to find it! We've included a range of seasonal toys, as well as some of our most popular year-round sellers - so you'll find something whether you're looking for something very Christmas themed, or something you won't mind seeing around your house for months after Christmas time! We love feeding games as a Christmas gift for dogs - it keeps them amused for ages trying to work out how to get the treats! (This also comes in very handy as a distraction for your pet if you plan to have a busy Christmas with lots of family over).


In addition to lots of lovely gifts for your pet, we also have a great range of beautiful pet-themed accessories - a perfect gift for the pet lover in your life.
Why not check out our Christmas Gifts for your Human section for a bit of early inspiration for your Christmas shopping?



Jessica Barratt

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