Meyou Paris - The Purrfect Cat Bed for Stylish Homes

Meyou Paris - The Purrfect Cat Bed for Stylish Homes

At Purrfectly Yappy we're always looking for beautiful pet accessories which accentuate your home, rather than those you'd prefer to hide away when guests come over. Unfortunately it seems like the cat market has been a little neglected - and when you finally stumble across a beautiful cat tree or cat bed it's either a custom made 'DIY' Pinterest masterpiece or very, very expensive. That was before we spotted Meyou Paris.

Meyou is relatively new to the market, having begun their journey in 2014 after noticing a gap in the market for design focused products for the cat market. They began a crowdfunding campaign to create something beautiful for cat owners and cats alike - their success since and the range they created show that more and more people are refusing to choose between a beautiful home or a happy pet - people want both.

Meyou's designs are beautiful to the human, but also designed with cats in mind. Their beds have been designed as polished cocoons for cats, allowing them to take shelter, observe the world, hide, nap or sharpen their claws. They use natural products and manufacture their beds in France, ensuring the quality matches up to the high end appearance.

We're thrilled to be able to offer these products to our customers at Purrfectly Yappy - we hope you love them just as much as we do!

The flawlessness of a graphic shape surrounding a woven cocoon in which our cats can sleep and sharpen their claws. Available with a solid beech wood or metal cube frame, priced at £149.95


A soft sphere, both a comfortable cocoon and a scratcher, on a stylish stand mixing wood and metal. Priced at £189.95.

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Jessica Barratt

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