What Type of Pet Bed is Best for Your Dog?

What Type of Pet Bed is Best for Your Dog?

If you’re looking for a new pet bed, there are so many choices available you might be wondering which one is best for your dog. We look at the different types of pet bed available so you can buy a new bed in confidence.


If your dog likes to curl up:

Donut-style dog beds are perfect for any pup that likes to curl up for a snooze. The high sides mean your dog can feel secure and warm whenever they decide to take a nap. Many different brands make dog beds in this shape, so you won’t be short of choice! We love the handmade donut dog beds by Vackertass for a stylish but cosy choice.


If your dog sneaks under the covers:

Among the traditional dog beds, there’s something a little different: snuggle beds. These beds are sort of like a sleeping bag with a padded base, so you dog can have their very own bed with covers to sneak under. We love the Snuggle dog bed by P.L.A.Y because it can be used as a snuggle tunnel, but can also be used as a donut style bed – great if it’s a bit too warm to be inside the bed!


If your dog likes to sprawl out:

If you often find that your dog is often half on the bed and half out of it, a mattress bed could be the choice for you. Available in a range of fabrics, this style of bed is made by many different brands, so you’ll be sure to find a fabric that matches your home. We love the Beco mattress bed, which is made with eco-friendly materials – including a stuffing made from recycled bottles. For the more luxurious option, Vackertass also make a beautiful handmade mattress bed, sure to look good in any home!


If your dog has a tendency to get wet:

Maybe your dog likes to roll in the latest present from a fox, maybe they love to jump in the pond or stream at the local park – either way, you’re often left with a damp dog. Many different brands have recognised the need for a waterproof pet bed, and you can buy them in a range of styles and colours – from donut beds to mattress beds. We love House of Paws deep filled waterproof mattress beds – great as an extra bed choice whilst your pup needs to dry off a little!

Jessica Barratt

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