The Perks of Being a Dog Owner in Autumn

The Perks of Being a Dog Owner in Autumn

There seems to be a sudden shift between summer and autumn in the UK, and it usually only takes an afternoon for us to be ushered from one season to the next. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for a few reasons: Falling leaves, beautiful colours, cosy scarves… but there is something special about being a pet owner at this time of year. I thought I’d share a few of my favourite perks of being a dog owner in autumn.


It’s a great excuse to go out and see the season change

I love summer and the vibrant greens of spring, but there is something magical about watching nature preparing to hibernate for winter. There’s something very satisfying about getting up on a fresh autumn morning for a dog walk, putting on a jacket and seeing the trees look a little bit different every day. It’s not too cold, and it’s far enough away from Christmas that you can dream about wintertime before you remember the reality of rushed gift buying and scraping ice off of your car.
You can wander around beautiful parks and take it all in, while your dogs enjoy rummaging through the leaves and appreciating different sniffs.


It’s a great excuse to stay in.

I am one of those people that enjoy doing nothing. After a busy week, there is nothing I enjoy more than curling up on the sofa with a good book or film and just doing as little as possible. I’m not saying that you can’t do this in summer, but it is much less enjoyable when you can see your dog eagerly waiting to play fetch and there is glorious sunshine outside. As much as a rainy dog walk isn’t that enjoyable, it is absolute bliss to put on some comfy dry clothes, make a cup of tea, and enjoy relaxing with a warm pup on your lap or by your feet.

I know my dogs appreciate this too – because as much as they love their walk, they seem to avoid going outside at all costs once they’re back home.
I have one of those really hardy Jack Russell Terriers that can’t stand to get his paws wet.


It encourages you to stay active

So it might not be fun to walk your dog in a torrential downpour that comes out of nowhere (thank you English weather), but it’s a lot better for you to get out and exercise than stay inside and do nothing. When someone else walks the dogs, I can go a whole weekend without leaving the house – something I don’t mind too much, but something that isn’t particularly good for me either!

The best part of this necessary exercise? The fact I can spend the whole dog walk looking forward to a nice hot chocolate when I get back. Bliss.


Lazy weekend mornings with the dogs

Waking up without an alarm, making a cup of coffee, going straight back to bed to snuggle up with two little Jack Russell Terriers in the bed. Perfect morning. There’s nothing that makes me feel more justified in doing absolutely nothing all morning than looking out of my window and seeing grey skies and rain.


I personally think that autumn gives you the best of everything, not-to-cold weather when you’re out and about, and a great excuse to be a bit lazy every now and again. A day in curled up with some contented pups or a day our shopping? The dog’s win every time.

Jessica Barratt

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