What Is A WonderWoof?

What Is A WonderWoof?

The WonderWoof pet activity monitor is a handy device which clips on to your dog’s collar, and monitors their activity. Stylishly designed to look like a bow tie, the WonderWoof is both functional and fun!

With the shops catching the January fitness bug, you’re sure to have seen a few more health related products and posts recently. We all know how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to go out and exercise when it’s cold and dark – but what better motivation to get active than to get active with your dog?

So how does it work?

The WonderWoof monitors the movement of your dog, and then relays it back to the app on your phone. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, you can download the data when you’re within Bluetooth range of the WonderWoof and keep up to date with your dog’s activity.

What’s in the app?

You’ll be motivated to achieve milestones and achievements within the app for your dog, and keep up with daily fitness goals tailored to your dog’s breed. You also have the option of adding reminders to your profile, monitoring activity levels and sharing access to your dog’s activity profile with family and friends

What if my dog runs off into a puddle on their walk? Or goes for a swim?

No problem! The WonderWoof is waterproof so there is no problem with it getting wet!

What battery does it take?

You don’t need to worry about changing the battery – the WonderWoof has a built-in rechargeable battery with a micro-USB charger. The battery should last up to a week between charges.

The WonderWoof also comes with a cleaning cloth and three customisable colour band attachments to personalise your WonderWoof. Why not take a look at the range of colours we have on PurrfectlyYappy.com and see if the WonderWoof is for you?



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