5 Problems A Petcube Play Solves For Every Owner

5 Problems A Petcube Play Solves For Every Owner

Why we still love the Petcube Play for 2018

After the success of the original Petcube on Kickstarter back in 2012, Petcube Play is a sleeker, more powerful pet camera. Featuring a compact and modern design, the Petcube Play streams in 1080p HD video and has a 138° wide angle view –so you can always stay up to date with your pet! Rather than get into the techy specs too much, we want to go over our top reasons why we still love the Petcube Play for 2018.

1. It’s fantastic for security.

You can set up the Petcube Play to alert you whenever it notices activity or sound, and with Petcube Care you can additionally store video clips in the cloud. Not only is this great for peace of mind, it also means you’ll never miss a thing! Check in when the dog walker arrives and leaves, or be alerted of any unusual activity in your home.

2. You can check in with your pet from wherever you are

The great thing about a smartphone connected camera is that it’s so easy to check in on your pet – queueing up to get your coffee? Check if your dog is still sleeping soundly. Have a spare moment on your tea break? The perfect time to check in and see if your dog has snuck on the sofa again! With Petcube Play, it only takes moments to check in and see your pet.

3. Talk to your pet!

While there has been debate among pet owners as to whether dogs like to hear their owner’s voice if they can’t find where they are – if you get your dog used to hearing your voice through the Petcube and use it to connect it to something positive, there shouldn’t be an issue. Tell your dog you’re on your way home and see their happy reaction as they get ready to greet you!

4. Hear your pet!

With the two-way audio channels on the Petcube, you can talk to your pet, and your pet can talk to you! This is also quite useful to monitor your dog’s behaviour while you are away from them, including monitoring whether they bark or howl in your absence. The recorded video clips are also useful to reference if you want to speak to a professional behaviourist.

5. It’s adjusted for low-light and no-light conditions – night vision!

Think you heard something downstairs in the middle of the night? Check in with the Petcube Play before venturing off into the darkness! Petcube Play’s night vision camera means that whatever the time, you’ll still be able to see what your pet is up to.

To see it in action, watch the video below!

You can order your Petcube from PurrfectlyYappy.com here: https://purrfectlyyappy.com/products/petcube-play-interactive-pet-camera

Jessica Barratt

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