The Petcube - See, talk to and play with your pets remotely from your smartphone!

The Petcube - See, talk to and play with your pets remotely from your smartphone!

The Petcube launched in 2012 via a start up style launch and has quickly become one of the best remote pet cameras on the market to date. It features a 138° wide angle lens capable of streaming HD 720p video, a built in <1mW 2-class laser which is certified & safe for both pets and humans and it also has a 2 way audio function with a built in microphone and speaker. This means not only can you see and communicate with your pet in high quality video and sound but you can also interact with your pet which is a massive plus!

The camera itself feels very strong and robust. Petcube have definitely paid a lot of attention to detail from the sleek silver metal casing right down to the non slip base and tripod mount. It's powered via a USB cable directly into a mains plug which means you are never limited by battery time and you can keep an eye on your pet 24/7. The setup was very easy and you literally only have to press (and hold) a button!

To use the Petcube you must have a smart phone, there isn't currently an option to login via a desktop computer but Petcube have announced this will be available in future updates. The set up is very easy and I had the Petcube up and running in minutes without any problems or technical glitches. Once the Petcube is set up on your wifi network you can login to the app on other devices and it will automatically be set up for you - Great if you have a partner who also wants to be able to check up on your pet as well.


Using the Smart phone app is also very simple - You have a few options once on the app and connected to your Petcube; tap the laser icon to take control of the laser (this is controlled by simply tapping and dragging on the screen - You wont believe how well this works), tap the audio button to hear and talk back to your pet and take videos and images of your pet which can then be shared to the Petcube community!

Sterling is a 4 1/2 month old Italian Greyhound x Whippet and as a puppy I'm in the process of training him. He responded really well to the built in microphone on the camera and did as I asked him, however it would be great to have a way to dispense treats to reward him for his good behaviour. Fortunately Petcube have addressed this with their new camera coming later in 2016 - Petcube bites!

In summary I was really impressed with the Petcube - This really is pet tech at its finest and I think this camera offers both great functionality as well as affordability! I would highly recommend the Petcube to anyone looking for a simple way to keep an eye on their pets.

For more info and to purchase the Petcube from PurrfectlyYappy -

Sam Gosheron

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