Review: Slow Bowl Dog Feeders?

Review: Slow Bowl Dog Feeders?

A quick foreword

Our tester is Ramón Zepug, DogBuddy's office Pug, who is just about the greediest dog they know. Rather than chewing his food, he tends to knock it back and swallow – the flavour clearly of little importance.  He does, however, have a flat face as Brachycephalic dogs such as Pugs do, so we initially thought he might struggle to reach the food in the deeper grooves of the slow feeder. To demonstrate the effects of the slow feeder we’ve prepared this side by side comparison video. Also, seeing is believing.


To sum up:
That unpleasant ‘hiccup’ at the beginning was a clear sign that he was eating far too quickly. Poor, greedy Ramón. His flat face wasn’t a problem – his tongue was up to the challenge. 
Instead of inhaling his food in under 1 minute with a normal bowl, it took Ramón over 7 minutes to eat the same amount of food with the Slo-Bowl. Needless to say, we’ve been converted and will only ever use the Slo-Bowl to feed Ramón in future.
Sam Gosheron

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