Win £300 worth of Ruffwear products by submitting the muddiest photo of your dog!

Win £300 worth of Ruffwear products by submitting the muddiest photo of your dog!

Win £300 worth of top-of-the-range Ruffwear products by submitting the muddiest photo of your dog!

Ruffwear’s products are known for outstanding quality and are a perfect addition to your four-legged friend’s winter wardrobe. Here is exactly what is up for grabs should your dog be crowned the muddiest:


The Dirtbag™ Dog Towel is a must-have for the upcoming muddy and rainy months, especially if your dog is crowned the muddiest. It’s an absorbent coat that both dries your dog post-adventure and also shields your car and home from the remnants of exploring in wet and muddy conditions. It has a quick-dry microfiber lining as well as a waterproof shell, so you can allow your muddiest dog to roam to their heart’s content. 

If you travel in the car with your dog a lot, you will know just how dirty the interiors can get, especially in muddy weather. The seat cover is durable and waterproof which can be installed in a traditional or hammock configuration whilst still giving access to seat belts so your dog can be strapped in safely for their journey. Secure attachments keep the cover in place, and non-slip fabric keeps dogs stable during their car rides. It’s easy to fit and remove, cleans with a shake, and is also machine washable. It also fits the backseat of most passenger vehicles.

All dog owners know what dog collars, leads and harnesses smell like when they get damp and dirty. It’s unpleasant, to say the least, so we want to kit your dog out with a waterproof and stink-proof top-of-the-range collar. With great water comes great stinkability, so this collar features a coated webbing that fends off the funk for your adventure partner. No more smelly dog gear for the winner and two runners-up.

Ruffwear’s iconic Front Range™ Harness is up for grabs for the winner of the competition, and it’s one of the best on the market. This is a padded everyday dog harness that is easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear, and has two lead attachment options: an aluminium V-ring centred on the dog's back for everyday walks, and reinforced front clip webbing at the dog's chest to redirect dogs that pull on their lead. There’s also an ID pocket that keeps dog tags easily accessible, and a reflective trim and light loop to boost visibility in low-light conditions, which is perfect for the darker months ahead.

So, think you own the muddiest dog in Britain and have the photos to prove it? All you have to do is fill out the entry form here, upload the muddiest picture you have of your dog, and you will have the chance to win the top prize of £300 of products or be one of two lucky runners-up to receive a Confluence Dog Collar worth £38. 


Images by Ruffwear

Alessandra Pacelli

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