Canine first aider gives PTSD warning over fireworks displays

Canine first aider gives PTSD warning over fireworks displays

Rachel Bean, who lives in Grotton, Greater Manchester has seen an increasing number of traumatised dogs, who display behavioral issues not dissimilar to PTSD.

Rachel believes that this could be down to exposure to environments that have traumatised the dog, and warned that even if your dog appears calm, it does not mean that they are having fun.

Rachel said, "Many dog owners prepare for fireworks season and work to desensitise their dog, but for some owners the dog does not appear to be scared at all, so they carry on with their regular routine. For some, this even includes taking their pet along to fireworks displays.

"However, just because your dog appears calm, it does not mean they are not afraid, dogs are people pleasers, and they might be suppressing their fear to be part of their pack.

"My advice would be to avoid fireworks displays altogether with any dog, no matter how calm they appear, as it could lead to behavioural issues in the future."

Rachel is a qualified veterinary nurse, canine behaviourist and the UK's leading teacher of canine first aid.

She travels all over the country with her dog Chilli to teach classes, and has recently returned from Cyprus where she taught the skill to animal charities and pet owners.

Rachel added, "Welcoming a dog into your life is the best thing in the world, but we need to remember that our dogs do not think like we do.

"It is our responsibility as pet parents to recognise the signs, and avoid any potentially triggering scenarios, dogs don't enjoy the same things that we do."

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