Try an Easter hunt with your dog this year!

Try an Easter hunt with your dog this year!

Easter is just around the corner, and many of us have lovely memories of Easter-egg hunts searching for our favourite chocolatey treats. This got us to thinking – why don’t we get our dogs involved in an Easter egg hunt too? We don’t mean looking for chocolate Easter eggs of course, but a fun scavenger hunt for treats with your dog could be just what you need for a (hopefully) beautiful sunny Easter weekend! Or, should the weather take a turn for the worst – a fun-filled indoor activity sure to engage the brain of your clever canine.


Here are our top tips to make your scavenger hunt fun for you and your dog!


 1. Vary the difficulty

Start the hunt with some treats which are easy to sniff out, and maybe lend a helping hand with pointing a few out! Once your dog knows what to do, they’ll love looking around for all the delicious hidden treats


2. Vary the hiding place

A treat wrapped up in a towel, a treat hidden under a pillow, a treat hidden in a corner – make sure your dog is challenged as they look around for the treats! You could also hide a few treats in one of our feeding games if you think your dog needs an extra challenge!


 3. Vary the reward

Your dog will love sniffing out all the different smells on their scavenger hunt – why not include a new toy as the grand prize at the end of the hunt?


 4. Remember where you hid all the treats!

Nobody likes finding a hidden dog treat a few weeks down the line – or wondering what your dog is eating when they discover that hidden treat after a month!

Count out your treats and make sure they’ve all been found, and remember to clear away any unclaimed treats at the end of the hunt


 5. Mix up healthy treats and special treats

Keep it healthy with a mix of treats that are a special indulgence and some treats that are good for your dog! If you feed your dog dry food, why not combine dinner time with a hunt for food? All treats should be fed in moderation, so make sure you’re not overindulging too much!


We hope this gave you a few ideas for a fun Easter activity you can do with your dog! We love watching our office dogs wag their tails and rummage their snoots through hiding places to find treats – it makes a great video too!


Looking for some new treats for your Easter scavenger hunt? Have a look at some of the great brands we have on offering freshly-baked treats free from hidden nasties. We also have a great selection of toys available for your grand prize!


Jessica Barratt

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