Off on an Easter adventure? Our top picks for holidaying hounds

Off on an Easter adventure? Our top picks for holidaying hounds

When you’re off on holiday for the Easter break there’s a lot to remember – make sure everyone’s packed, you have the booking confirmations, tickets, pet passports - not to mention the stress of travelling with your dog if they’re not used to it.

We’ve gone through our top pet-travel picks from to make sure your hound is holiday ready!

Car safety harness

If you’re anything like us and worry about driving with your pets in the car, a crash-tested harness like this one from Kurgo is a must-have. Unlike harnesses designed just for walking, these car harnesses have been designed to keep your dog as safe as possible should there be an impact or sudden stop. What we love most about these, is that you don’t need to remove the harness should you need to stop for a quick toilet break and walk – you just detach the harness from the seatbelt, and attach a lead to the D-ring instead.

Travel bowl and water

If your dog gets anxious on car journeys it can tend to make them pant more than usual, which can lead to your dog becoming dehydrated. There are lots of options for water bottles and bowls at, so it really depends on personal preference as to what you go for. Bottles like the H2O4K9 include a specially designed lid which your dog can drink out of – eliminating the need for carrying an extra bowl. Collapsible bowls like those from Ruffwear or Cycle Dog give you the versatility of sharing your own water supply with your dog, or using it for either food or water on your journey.


Travel bed and blanket

We all miss the comforts of home when we’re away, even our dogs! Travel beds which easily roll up are great for travelling, as they smell like home and can easily be rolled up and packed away when they’re not needed. Blankets are another great option, especially if they like to burrow under covers and keep warm.


Treat holders

Depending on your dog, they might not feel like eating much on a long car journey – but it’s always handy to have a stash of their favourite treats or dry kibble in a bag, should they need a little pick-me-up. You can use whatever you like to store your treats, but we like the Ruffwear Kibble Kaddie as it can fit enough dry food for a long weekend away, and it’s easy to seal up, and go!


An extendable lead

Extendable leads are great when used in the right circumstances, and especially useful to have on hand if you’re walking your dog in a new place – such as a new beach, or new park away from home. We have lots of options available on, varying in size and length. We wouldn’t recommend using these leads to walk your dog along a busy road, but they are a great alternative to have to hand if you’re worried about letting your dog off in an unfamiliar place – your dog can get a little more freedom, while you remain in control.


Up-to-date ID tag

Whilst we hope it will never happen, it’s so important to have an up-to-date ID tag for your dog should they go missing. Some of our favourite designs are by We Love to Create at – they put a bit of personality into an accessory which is often overlooked! Have a bit of fun with your dog’s ID tag while being reassured they can be reunited with you should the worst happen.


Seat covers for your car

Some dogs get travel sick – need we say more? Not only this, but even if your dog travels in a car like a seasoned pro, you still have the dog hair and muddy paws to deal with! Seat covers come in a variety of styles, including hammocks, single seat covers and bench seat covers. Seat covers make your car easier to clean, which takes a little bit of the stress out of travelling with your pet. 

Dog carrier

If you have a small dog, a carrier can be a great idea to take with you when you travel – if you purchase a carrier that is spacious enough, it can act as a safe place for your dog in an unfamiliar environment, and can be made extra cosy with a travel bed and blankets.



We hope you've found this useful, and that you fave a fantastic Easter with your family and pets. If you need any help or advice when it comes to any of these products, do let us know - we'll be more than happy to help.



Jessica Barratt

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