Top Tips To Get Your Pooch Ready For The Winter Chills

Top Tips To Get Your Pooch Ready For The Winter Chills

With winter fast approaching its time to wrap up warm for our favourite winter dog walks. If the weatherman is correct this year, it’s going to hit us hard and be one of the coldest for a few years. At Paw Naturel we have decided to do a little blog with some winter care tips that can keep your pooch out of harm’s way. 

First things first, watch out for de-icer and antifreeze on our streets and roads. Commercial Anti-Freeze has a sweet scent than can be attractive to those dogs, like me, that have a sweet tooth. People also use antifreeze to de-ice their cars in winter and a dog sniffing around a car may be something to watch out for and avoid. Anti-Freeze is extremely poisonous to dogs, so we recommend to keep your pooch on a lead at all times where Anti-Freeze may be present, and when you return home always wash your dog’s paws with our favourite Peppermint foot scrub and hydrate and soften with our nose and paw balm  to stop any dryness and cracking.

Salt and grit are another winter hazard to watch out for. Whenever it is Icy you can guarantee salt will be scattered almost everywhere that poses a risk. Grit will commonly get stuck between your dog’s feet and if left can cause cuts, abrasions and irritations. Salt is extremely drying and will cause cracking soreness and inflammation. Don’t forget their noses too, I’ve yet to meet a dog that didn’t enjoy a good sniff. Like above always wash away any nasties with your favourite PN products and apply some hydrating nose and paw balm for a soft and shiny finish.

Undoubtedly our winter walks are also likely to be wet with our great British menu. It is extremely important to get your dog’s dry after a wet walk to prevent them getting the chills. Also, with coated breeds it is important to prevent their coats becoming matted. We always recommend a hairdryer on low heat instead of a towel even with short coated breeds as it dries completely and warms them up. Coated breeds should be dried and brushed through, check out our PN slicker brushes  to get those coats prepped and ready for the winter months.

Of course, it goes without saying winter walks are dirty. Good news, all our Paw Naturel Shampoos  and fragrance are designed for regular use and can be used frequently to keep your pooches squeaky clean and smelling great. All our shampoos and fragrances are free from chemicals and contain no Parabens, Sulphates, SLES, SLS and are tear free and vegan. We recommend you wash and dry your pup once a week to make sure there is no nasties and knots left in the coat.

Finally, please take care of yourselves out there this winter. Check the weather forecast to prevent putting yourself and your dogs in danger. Wear decent walking shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry, with a decent grip to prevent any slips and tumbles. If you are of the adventurous disposition check your dog walking routes for frozen lakes and rivers and keep your dogs on a lead around these areas to prevent them falling into any freezing water.

Have fun this winter and be safe. Those who marvel at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.

Sam Ryan

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