The ULTIMATE Dog Accessory Gift Guide You Never Knew You Needed!

The ULTIMATE Dog Accessory Gift Guide You Never Knew You Needed!

'Tis the season to go shopping! But here at PurrfectlyYappy we understand that no Christmas is truly complete without getting a few things for your pooch! Often, accessories are the best way to show your furry friends some love during the festive season. That's why we've gone out of our way to create the ULTIMATE Accessory Gift Guide you never knew you needed, so enjoy and thank us later!

1. House Of Paws Red Christmas Pudding Jumper For Dogs - £13.99

The House Of Paws Red Christmas Pudding Jumper is a great accessory to help your dog join in on the festive fun this year. This jumper is easy to fit and, not to mention so warm and cosy your pooch is guaranteed to love it as much we as we do!

Shop it here: bit.ly/hop-christmas-pudding-jumper

2. Salt Dog Studios Mr Frost Dog Bow Tie - £5.00

We absolutely love this bow tie as a way to add something a little special to your dog's collar to celebrate the festivities this year. From teeny weeny to extra large, Salt Dog Studios have made sure that every pooch out there can be a part of Christmas this year - why not get your own?

Shop it here: bit.ly/salt-dog-studios-snowman-bowtie

3. Salt Dog Studios Jolly Grotto Bandana - £7.00

Who would've thought that absolutely everything you think of at Christmas would make such a lovely print? The amazing people over at Salt Dog Studios - and we're so glad that they did! This bandana is such a cheekily charming addition to any pup's look this Christmas and we can guarantee you'll love it as much as we do - who couldn't? Just look at it!

Shop it here: bit.ly/salt-dog-studios-jolly-bandana

4. Pet Pooch Boutique Antique Snowflake Dog Collar - £11.00

This red wine coloured collar is an absolute Christmas classic, right down to the beautifully ornate snowflakes that adorn it. Homemade in the UK, we really think that this is one of the ultimate accessories for your pup this Christmas! Why not check it out for yourself?

Shop it here: bit.ly/pp-boutique-snowflake-collar

5. Pet Pooch Boutique Winter Warmers Christmas Dog Bandana - £5.00

This bandana is by far one of our favourite winter warmers in this whole gift guide! From the perfectly festive forest green background to the holly red and snowy white pattern on top of it, this is THE bandana to match that Ugly Jumper of yours over the Christmas Season!

Shop it here: bit.ly/pp-boutique-green-christmas-bandana

6. Salt Dog Studios Nativity Star Dog Collar - £11.00

Lined with festive red velvet for comfort, we're totally in love with this Nativity themed collar from the lovely people over at Salt Dog Studios. It's so fun we're more than sure your Christmas pup pics will go from cute to unbearably adorable this year - trust us!

Shop here: bit.ly/salt-dog-studios-star-collar

7. Salt Dog Studios Candy Shop Natural Bandana - £7.00

This bandana is another one of our festive favourites this year! It's another one from Salt Dog Studios, but what can we say? They've just nailed it this year! This one is great if you're looking for a more neutral Christmassy look to compliment your pooch on the big day this year.

Shop here: bit.ly/salt-dog-studios-candy-bandana

8. Pet Pooch Boutique Christmas Classic Grey Dog Collar - £11.00

Here's another one for those of you looking for a more fashionably festive addition to your pooch's wardrobe this Christmas. We're obsessed with the print on this collar and think the dainty reindeer and hearts are a match made in Christmas heaven! Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself and enjoy!

Shop here: bit.ly/pp-boutique-grey-christmas-collar

9. Pet Pooch Boutique Reindeer Love Christmas Dog Bow Tie - £6.00

We can't believe it either, but the amazing team at Pet Pooch Boutique have crated what is potentially the CUTEST Christmas bow tie we've ever seen - and your dog could own one! The perfect balance of fashion and gawdy, we couldn't love this piece any more if we tried - and at £6.00? What a bargain!

Shop here: bit.ly/pp-boutique-christmas-bowtie

10. Salt Dog Studios Hygge Christmas Red Bandana - £7.00

Our final feature is this beautifully festive bandana from Salt Dog Studios which we feel transforms any dog into the ultimate Santa's little helper to help you out this Christmas. Such great quality and a really fun colour scheme, we really love this piece and know that you and your pooch will too! 

Shop here: bit.ly/salt-dog-studios-red-hygge-bandana

So there you have it! The ULTIMATE Dog Accessory Gift Guide you never knew you needed, from us here at PurrfectlyYappy to you. Did this help you out with your christmas shopping? Let us know by sharing the blog with your fellow pet lovers and hitting us up on social media - Happy Shopping!

Harriet Walters

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