Taxi for Fido!

Taxi for Fido!

Pets can now enjoy the comfort of a warm taxi ride with their owners during these cold months. Customers can book through the website or mobile app, specify if they are travelling with a pet, choose the type of pet from the dropdown menu, and give details of their pet’s size and breed so that the right sized cab can be found.

Currently there is only the option to select ‘Small dog (in cage)’ from the menu but Minicabit have said they are working on this and users can state this in the additional information, although they have stated it is ultimately down to the preference of the cab providers. Minicabit has requested that their cab providers supply customers with their individual policies on soiling charges and how they prefer dogs to travel. As a general guideline, the price comparison service does expect all dogs to be on leads, in cages (where appropriate) and under full control at all times.

Amer Hasan, founder and CEO of Minicabit, commented: “Britain is a nation of pet lovers and we hope this new service will help solve the challenges many people face when they need to travel with their pets. Minicabit is all about offering the biggest choice of cabs, so if one day we find a cab that can take your pet giraffe, we’ll even offer that too.”

The option is available with a range of cab fleets nationwide and Minicabit is working with over 700 cab operators to increase the number of fleets providing this service.

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Taxi for Fido!

Sam Gosheron

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