Solving Pet Food Problems

Solving Pet Food Problems

For thousands of years, dogs have been a man’s best friend. Now, more than ever before, people are spending billions on their pooches, which is the result of a stable growth in pet ownership. This is fuelled by a record-breaking number of millennials owning furry friends. Nearly 35% of all pet owners are now millennials, surpassing baby-boomers by 3%. 43% of those who don’t have the pleasure of owning a dog told researchers that they want one in the future. So, you could say, it’s very popular to own a dog in the UK.

Dogs are without a doubt the best animal in the world (even if I may be slightly biased), but people tend to not discuss the food they eat. The dog food industry is booming. A Mintel study has proven the industry is worth upward of £2.7 billion in the UK alone, and it shows no sign of slowing down.
Snacks and treats for dogs is the sector that has seen the most growth, now accounting for over £485 million. This growth could be due to the wider acknowledgement that dogs cannot eat a lot of the things us humans do. 47% of pet owners say it’s hard not to feed their pets when they beg for food, so buying snacks meant for them seems logical! Treats also play a huge part in the training of our pups, which most owners attempt to do. In more recent years, the industry has seen enormous growth in pet snacks that resemble human foods, including human-food flavoured treats, seasonal snacks and food that look like they may be meant for human consumption. Keep an eye on for our extensive range of dog treats – we are adding new stuff all the time.

Dog food sales have grown by 13.2% between 2013 and 2018. Due to the massive growth in dog food, more options have become available for dog owners. Businesses need to keep up with this ever-growing market, or they’ll get left behind. The pet food industry has come a long way in a short space of time, and now it’s become easier for pet owners to cater for their dog’s needs.
More and more people are shopping online for pet food, as it saves the hassle of carrying it around, and you can choose from a wider selection of brands and dietary needs best suited to your dog. Over 35% of budding pet owners now shop online for pet food! Here at, we condense tons of different dog food (and cat food!) brands into one space to make it easier for you to buy food for your animals.
Pet obesity remains the number one welfare concern for vets in the UK. This makes it even more crucial to monitor what your pet is eating. With some dogs intolerant to certain ingredients, it’s important you speak to your vet about what is best for your fur baby. 43% of cat and dog food purchasers would be intrigued into grain-free or plant-based options, and although they are still a niche in the UK, their popularity is slowly increasing. Unfortunately, they are rare to find in supermarkets, so they can prove hard to get hold of for dog parents. At we offer lots of different types of food suitable for tons of different breeds, sizes and ages of dogs. It also means you don’t have to carry a heavy bag of pet food home with you, as it gets delivered directly to your door. You can browse our dog foods here.
Only 3% of pet owners use a subscription service to get their hands on pet food, which we find shocking. Subscription services are the easiest way to shop for pet food, as you don’t have to even spare the burden of pet food a single thought. PurrfectlyYappy offer you 30% off your first order, and you can choose how often you’d like your food reordered. It’s the most convenient and cheapest way to shop for pet food. The numbers of subscription-based orders are rising, and we believe they are the future of pet-food-buying.
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