How to celebrate your pooch's birthday in style

How to celebrate your pooch's birthday in style

It’s safe to say that our dogs are part of the family. Three in four dog owners celebrate their pets’ birthdays, as they would any other member of the family. Many throw parties, buy birthday cakes, and merrily sing Happy Birthday to their pooch on their big day. This is a direct outcome of the humanisation we see across the pet industry today. There is a bigger market than ever for pet-celebrations. Here at, we understand how important it is for your pet to have a special day, so we provide everything you may need to make it happen.

The trend in dog birthdays sees people all over the UK treating their pets to whatever they desire to give them the best of celebrations possible. However, unfortunately, this trend does often have a dark side. People have been known to feed their pooches human-food which may be harmful to them. Cake, meant for humans, can be dangerous for dogs to eat, especially if they eat in large amounts. They aren’t recommended to eat butter or lard, which is in most cakes, as they don’t have enzymes in their blood which break down fats. When feeding your dog copious amounts of human cake, you may be putting them at risk of being ill, and you won’t be doing their weight any favours either.

At, we want to make sure your dog is having the best birthday ever, without being put at risk. That’s why we sell birthday cakes meant for dogs, which we can guarantee will be purrfectly safe for your pooch to eat. This Birthday Cake from The Barking Bakery is perfect for your dog's birthday! You can even personalise it!
51% of people throw their pooches full-on birthday ‘pawties’. These can be great fun for your furry friend, you, and all your furry friends’ furry friends! There’s nothing wrong with spoiling your pet on a special day, and what better occasion to do it than their birthday? We absolutely LOVE this Bespoke Birthday Box from Arton & Co which contains all the essentials needed to give your doggie a wonderful time. The personalised box can be kept as a keepsake or to put your dogs’ toys or treats in, too.
Some of us aren’t quite so dog-mad, however still want to treat our pups to something small on their big day. That why this trio of Mini Woofins would be perfect. They look good enough to eat yourself but don’t be fooled. They’re even low fat, so your pet can indulge guilt-free!
Perhaps a real cake isn’t what you’re after, and you’d prefer something that would last a bit longer. This House of Paws Dog Birthday Cake toy is perfect, and the cutest thing ever. We are sure your dog would be grateful for this present, even if it is to chew on. House of Paws create toys that promise durability and quality, so, it will last longer than five minutes if your dog takes great enjoyment out of destroying things.
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