Planet Dog Ball Toys

Planet Dog Ball Toys

Using 100% sustainable bamboo and reused cork scraps, Planet Dog have created the Bamboo Wood Chuck and Ball Dog Toy. Engineered to create a sleeker take on the more generic ball-tossing devices, the bamboo core within the wood chuck offers strength and flexibility which allows for maximum ‘chuck-ability’. This alongside the nicely designed ergonomic cork handle provides comfort and a ‘grip-ability’ regardless of the amount of chucks!

The four-pronged claw at the end of the wood chuck means you can pick up any of Planet Dog’s Orbee-Truff products with immediate ease; no need to bend down and get your hands covered in slobber! This is an immensely well-constructed and reliable toy that will send the ball the distance every time you chuck it. Each wood chuck is individually hand moulded and includes a 2.5” Orbree-Tuff RecycleBall.

Price: £26.95

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mazee Dog Toy

This Mazee version of Planet Dog’s Obree-Tuff Dog Toy was designed for two reasons: to activate your dog’s mind and energise its play. It’s guaranteed to stimulate your pup, spark his imagination and excite him or her beyond belief! Built for durability, this toy is purely intended for puzzle play antics – not for chewing, hence it’s absence on the Durability Scale. For this reason, I wouldn’t leave the Mazee toy with your pups unattended, especially if they’re rather more carnivorous than your usual dog.

This interactive toy will offer hours and hours of entertainment for dogs of any size, type or breed. The slightly translucent and pliable outer shell to this Orbee-Tuff toy, combined with a challenging inner maze, will activate all your dog’s senses whether it’s sight, smell or hearing – they’ll have to use them all in order to save this puzzle. Available in both an electric raspberry colour and a lime green, the Mazee toy is 5” in diameter and is easy to clean by hand or on the top rack of the dishwasher – just make sure it goes in alone!


  • Clearly engaging, clearly rewarding, clearly fun!
  • Planet Dog's fresh take on the stimulating puzzle craze. Their interactive brain teaser is designed for long-lasting play. With a pliable, Orbee-Tuff® outer shell, and unique inner maze. Just add treats to provide your dog with hours of fun!
  • This toy is intended for puzzle-play, not chewing, so it is not rated on our Chew-o-meter scale.
  • To clean, fill with hot water, shake vigorously and rinse.
  • Non-toxic, recyclable and 100% guaranteed.

Size Guide:

Planet Dog's 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you have selected the wrong size for your dog (i.e. the toy can reach your dog’s back teeth) then you are entitled to an exchange to find a size that is better suited so you dog can continue chewing!

Planet Dog have developed the Chew-o-meter so you can easily pick the toys that will stand up to your buddy's drooly grip. From light chewers to the most aggressive, these toys will keep the whole pack wagging. That's Planet Dog's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Price: £22.95

About the Brand:

Known as the industry's leading socially responsible values-based design house, which brings together people and dogs for fun and mutual support. Planet Dog are driven to conceptualise, innovate and develop premium products whilst being fully dedicated to satisfying both owners and their best friends' needs. 

George Welsby

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