Kurgo Impact Seatbelt in Car Dog Harness

Kurgo Impact Seatbelt in Car Dog Harness

This week we're shifting our focus towards a brand which has only recently been made available to purchase here at Purrfectly Yappy. They're an American brand that specializes in dog-automobile safety, known as Kurgo. Kurgo pride themselves in being the front-runners of the next generation of crash-tested car harnesses, having engineered their specific models for 8 years.

Established in 2003 by two brothers – Kitter and Gordie Spater – Kurgo was born out of a broom closet at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Since the company’s move to Salisbury, Massachusetts they have been one of Inc. Magazines 5000 fastest growing companies every year since 2010 and are now considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of pet travel and safety products in both the United States and Canada. Their reputation in the pet safety market is unprecedented, so much so they’ve become known as the ‘ultimate, safe solution for doggy travel’. Kurgo’s policy ensures that all their products are crash tested before they’re marketed online, allowing innovation to take hold thus letting people and their dogs explore the world together.

The Kurgo Impact Seatbelt in Car Dog Harness is a brand-new harness design from the team stateside which uses a single piece of high tensile tubular webbing with reinforced bar tacking. Unlike most doggy-seatbelt solutions, this piece of kit has been purpose built for car safety in addition to your dog’s comfort. This is reflective not only of the innovation Kurgo pride themselves on but also the knowledge they’ve developed over the last 12 years, developing travel products specific to pets.

This specific harness has been tested far beyond industry standards; using an established University testing facility their safety recommendations are the result of using the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, primarily used for child restraint systems. The tests are conducted using a 130-pound simulated dog equivalent to a 9-stone canine; ensuring the equipment is canine-safe, regardless of the size or weight of your beloved pup!


  • Crash tested with a 130-pound simulated dog
  • Lightweight and integrates directly with your car seatbelt system – no additional seat-belts, straps or attachments necessary
  • Constructed from a single piece of 4,000-pound tubular webbing with all-steel nesting buckles
  • Design reduces excursion (pitching forward) in case of impact
  • 4 adjustment points for a perfect fit on all shapes and sizes
  • Broad, padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort
  • Machine washable/Line dry

Instructions for Use:

  1. Fit harness to your dog
  2. Release the nesting buckles and loosen the straps to easily fit your dog
  3. Pull the harness over your dog, passing his head through the neck straps – the back pad should be on his back and the chest pad (with the Kurgo logo) should be on the front
  4. One at a time, pull your dog’s legs through the loops formed by the restraint and chest straps
  5. Refasten the nesting buckles
  6. Adjust all straps to fit dog
  7. Attach in car
  8. Load your pup into the backseat and have them sit
  9. Pull the seatbelt down and pass it through both of the restraint straps on the back
  10. Connect seatbelt to female slot as normal

Size Information:

The webbing on the harness is one single piece so the harness is very adjustable to different proportions. We recommend selecting a size based on the weight of your dog. Please size up if your dog is on the edge of the weight range.

Small: 10-25 pounds or 5-11 kilograms

Medium: 25-50 pounds or 11-23 kilograms

Large: 50-80 pounds or 23-36 kilograms

Price: £49.95

Kurgo Auto Zip Line in Car Dog Restraint System

Inspired somewhat peculiarly by a dog-run, the Kurgo Auto Zip Line in Car Dog Restraint System ensures that your dog is restrained in the back seat – allowing for safe driving – whilst allowing your dog to move back and forth or sit and stand. This great piece of kit is not simply restricted to usage within the car; easily strung between any two fixed points, it can be used in a vehicle, on a boat or even on a campsite.

Ensuring your pup is safe at all times, the zip line comes with a detachable leash that easily connects and disconnects from the zip line, which can then be enabled as an instant lead to prevent your furry friend from jumping out of the car into oncoming traffic or a congested parking lot.


  • Package includes zip line and leash/tether (harness not included)
  • Zip line can be used between any two fixed points in the vehicle
  • Keeps pets restrained to avoid distracted driving
  • Included leash ensures control when dog is entering or exiting the vehicle
  • Recommended for use with the Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness (sold separately)

Price: £26.95

Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Tether Dog Restraint System

Sometimes the simplest of products are the most useful. This is certainly the case here with this Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Tether Dog Restraint System. It’s fantastic click-and-go, easy to use dog seatbelt tether, utilised to prevent distracted driving, is a simple creation but a functional one that solves an everyday problem.

Simply attach the seatbelt with the karabiner to your dog’s harness and then simply click into the female slot of any of your car’s seat belts. The great thing about this piece of equipment is the ease with which you can leave the attachment clicked in, so one doesn't have to undo the seatbelt every time your dog gets in or out the car. This system gives you a straight forward solution to a problem we all know too well, as well as piece of mind that you and your pup are travelling safe.


  • Universal fit for most vehicles (incompatible with Volvo)
  • Quickly clicks directly into the female seatbelt slot
  • No need to undo seatbelt every time your dog gets in the vehicle
  • Can be extended from 15” to 22” for a broader range of movement
  • Recommend for use with the Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness

Price: £10.95

About Kurgo:

Created by 2 brothers, Kurgo products are the ultimate, safe solution for doggy travel. The products are crash tested so you can be rest assured that your dog is in the safest hands. Kurgo is all about: Innovating great products that let people and their dogs explore the world together.

George Welsby

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