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Pet vs partner: where do your affections lie?

Pet vs partner: where do your affections lie?

As National Pet Month (1st April – 1st May) approaches, a survey has revealed we may be giving our pets more affection than our partners.
A survey of 2,152 British pet owners, conducted by interior brand Hillarys, found over half (51%) of Britons would rather kick their partner out of bed than their pets. 37% of respondents said they gave a more thorough goodbye to their pets than their partners when leaving the house each morning, and 68% admitted they currently have a photo of their pet as their mobile phone background rather than their partner. 71% also stated they had used their partner’s towel to dry their pet.
Finally, respondents were asked “Have you ever cancelled or refused to go on holiday somewhere because you’d miss your pet too much?” to which 81% admitted they had, with 34% of these participants saying they would only go on holiday for a maximum of three days in one go.
Tara hall, spokesperson for, said, “You may think your affection for your pet isn’t impacting your relationship with your partner but our poll reveals some surprising habits that we have found quite shocking!”
In response to the survey, the team at Hillarys have launched a light-hearted microsite where users can find out if they are more attached to their pet or their partner. The online tool gives visitors a series of questions to determine whether it’s pets or partners that dominate their homes and lives.
Go to to test yourself.
Megan Chapple

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