Perfect products for labradoodles, cockapoos and doodle breeds

Pawfect products for Doodles

Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Maltipoos, Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Schnoodles and Poodles - we love them all! However, being the human responsible for a dog with a beautiful curly coat can come with a few challenges. We look over some of our favourite products for all kinds of doodles – ranging from grooming and pet care to beautiful accessories.


1. De-tangle spray for bad hair days


If you haven’t heard of WildWash before, they are a family-owned UK brand that make completely natural pet products. They have a range to suit all kinds of skin and fur types, but we think their Detangle spray is a great help when trying to brush through that dreaded matted coat! As it’s natural and PH balanced especially for dogs, you don’t need to worry about the amount you use either.



2. Something to chew on...


It seems every dog owner has heard about the classic Kong toy. It’s a great toy which comes in a range of sizes – perfect for every kind of Doodle! Fill up the Kong with treats for a great way to keep your Doodle busy – plus it can also be filled with wet dog food and frozen in the summer months – a great cooling treat for when it gets a bit warmer!



3. Bandanas for stylish pups

Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating when you have a beautiful collar that disappears among your dog’s glorious curls (depending on your grooming schedule of course!). Bandanas are a fun way to show off your dog’s personality, and come in a huge variety of styles. Brands like Salt Dog Studios also offer matching collars and leads, so your dog can be perfectly co-ordinated.


4. Car safe harnesses for walkies


A harness is a must-have for any dog that tends to pull on the lead. Harnesses distribute pressure caused by pulling much better than a collar, which concentrates on your dog’s neck. Some harnesses, like the Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness, have also been crash-tested, so they act as a restraint for your dog whilst travelling in the car. A great 2-in-1 product if you often drive to your dog-walking destination.


5. Slow feeders for hungry pups


If your Doodle inhales his dinner, a slow-feeder might be worth a try! They work simply by making it a bit harder for your dog to eat big mouthfuls. Slow feeders come in a range of sizes and colours, and vary between dedicated bowls for your dog, or simple inserts to update your existing dog bowl.

6. Special dog water bottles for your adventures

We all know long walks can be thirsty work! These water bottles from H204K9 have been specially designed for dogs on the go. The lid doubles up as a place for your dog to drink from, designed to encourage dogs to lap up the water more naturally. The water bottles are made from food grade stainless steel, and use a toxin free Polypropylene screw top lid and a food grade silicone gasket to keep the bottles water tight. They also come in an assortment of colours, and can be paired with a Neo-Sling for an easy way to carry your bottle on long walks.

7. Car seat covers for mucky pups

Kurgo Bench Seat Cover - £44.95

With British weather being predictably unpredictable, you can never tell if you're going to finish your dog walk with a clean dog, or a muddy one! If you travel with your dog on the back seat of your car, Kurgo have a fantastic range of accessories to keep muddy paws and pet hair off the car seats. Designs vary from the seat cover seen above, to hammock style covers which ensure the whole back seat area remains mud free! Shop the full Kurgo range here.


8. Dog beds designed after Doodles

Ralph & Co Dog Pillow Bed - from £76.00

British brand Ralph & Co named their brand after their very own Doodle, Ralph! Their beds have orthopaedic benefits for your dog, and are made using high quality upholstery fabric that is extremely durable and comfy. Named after a Doodle, you can expect these beds to perfectly suit any fussy pup!




Do you have a must-have product for your Labradoodle, Poodle, Cockapoo or Doodle?

Let us know what your Doodle can't live without!

Jessica Barratt

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