Dozens of delighted Dachshunds descend on Bath

Dozens of delighted Dachshunds descend on Bath

Bath is home to many clubs of many different activities, but one club in particular caught the eye of the team here at Purrfectly Yappy this weekend: The Sausage Dog Club Bath – which sees Dachshunds and their owners meet once a month for an extended run around and play.

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The club itself is the brainchild of Lauren Barnes and her business, Hound Bound. She explained to the Bath Chronicle why she set up the club in the first place, saying, “I set it up in April 2015. What started as a bit of fun with a few Dachshunds in front of the Royal Crescent, has now turned into a monthly social, with up to 50 sausage dogs and their owners regularly turning out on the first Saturday of the month to join the club for a walk. We have over 250 members in the club and the numbers are growing.”

However, this year the club marks its second-year anniversary, and celebrated the momentous occasion last Sunday with a meeting in front of the Royal Crescent.

“Last year we did the same and we had 55 sausages attend, so this year I’m hoping to double the numbers,” said Barnes, whose dream was realised when almost 100 Dachshunds of all shapes and sizes ran wild at the monthly doggie meet and greet.

Lauren was overjoyed with the commitment of every Dachshund lover present at the anniversary event saying,

“I am overwhelmed with the amount of sausage dogs here today. I mean who doesn’t love sausage dogs?

“We’ve been really lucky with the weather too – it’s a huge success!”

If you’re interested in joining the club, contact Lauren via

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