Odd objects found in pets over Christmas

Odd objects found in pets over Christmas

With decorations around the house, presents under the tree and food on every surface, sometimes temptation gets the best of the most well-behaved pets – and then it’s up to the vet to recover all the odd things they decided to turn into a snack! With Christmas festivities behind us, vet charity PDSA is now looking back at some Christmas objects they had to get out of patients…

Fairy lights

“Now, you wouldn’t think fairy lights could look appetising, would you? Think again! Cheeky Charlie underwent emergency surgery at Southampton PDSA when his family discovered he had eaten fairy lights. Thankfully, the glass hadn’t cut his mouth or throat, and he hadn’t bitten through the wire when the lights were on! Vets performed life-saving surgery to remove the lights, and Charlie was able to go home with his family.”

Homer Simpson

“D’oh! When Dixie spied her chances of getting her paws on a chocolate egg, she secretly gobbled it up. It wasn’t until her owner noticed she had stopped eating, drinking and she became lethargic that she suspected something was afoot. Concerned, her owner took her to PDSA, and x-rays revealed a plastic eggshell with a Homer Simpson toy inside! Vets operated swiftly to remove it, and thankfully Dixie was okay. If it were left any longer, it could have been fatal.”


“Renowned for eating sofas, carpets, and tinsel in his younger days, when Dexter’s family noticed tinsel was missing from the mantelpiece, they were sure their dog was the culprit. However, Dexter showed no signs of illness until later that night, when he was sick. The following morning, Dexter was taken to PDSA, and x-rays confirmed tinsel in his stomach. Vets performed emergency surgery, and to his owners’ relief, Dexter could go home in time for Christmas.”

christmas tinsel

Golf balls

“If you’re planning to surprise a friend or family member with golf-inspired gifts this Christmas, be careful around inquisitive pets. When Azar the Doberman suddenly lost weight, his owner took him to her local PDSA Vet. To her surprise, they discovered he had swallowed not one but three golf balls! Sadly, two of the balls had lodged themselves in his small intestine, and he was at risk of suffering stomach injuries. It was touch and go, but thankfully Azar survived the operation.”

Twinkle, twinkle…

“When a five-month-old puppy called Charlie was gagging and struggling to breathe, his worried owner knew something wasn’t right. Charlie visited his local PDSA Pet Hospital, where vets performed x-rays and, to their surprise, found a star shining back at them! Vets had to act quickly to remove the star-shaped decoration with forceps to prevent the puppy from choking.”

Video game cartridge

“It was almost game over for Rocco when PDSA Vets discovered the curious canine had swallowed a video game cartridge. He started vomiting and refused to eat, so his owners took him to PDSA Glasgow Shamrock Street Pet Hospital for an emergency appointment. Vets found a rectangular-shaped object in his gut on x-rays and performed emergency surgery to remove it immediately. They were stunned to retrieve a video game cartridge from his small intestine, but thankfully, Rocco survived and was able to go home to rest and recover the following day.”

Tree decoration

“Leah’s owner was distraught when her beloved cat began vomiting and losing weight. Her owner took her to Middlesborough PDSA to get to the bottom of the issue, only to find Leah had eaten a tiny Christmas tree-shaped decoration! X-rays showed a perfectly formed Christmas tree in the cat’s abdomen. Vets performed emergency surgery to remove it, and thankfully Leah was able to go home with her loving owner.”

christmas tree

Images by PDSA

Alessandra Pacelli

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