My puppy won’t eat his food!

My puppy won’t eat his food!

My puppy has gone off his dry food. I have offered him alternatives, which he has eaten, but he won’t eat his puppy food. What should I do?

John Burns advises…

Puppies are quick to learn and they will soon realise that if they leave their food, they may get offered a tastier alternative. However, this is not good for a puppy’s health, so it is important that he eats his food and doesn’t fill up on treats.

Make sure your puppy is in good health and not having problems with his teeth; it would be advisable to have a check-up with your vet. If all is well, I would recommend cutting out the treats and if he doesn’t eat his food after 10-15 minutes, take it away and try again later.

A healthy dog won’t starve himself, so once he realises he isn’t getting treats instead, he should be happy to eat his meals. When feeding puppies, the exact amounts are very important and many people overestimate the amount of food they need. If you offer a puppy too much food, he may struggle to eat the full amount, which can lead to him being fussier with his food, as he is simply full.

Foods that are easily digested will have lower feeding amounts and should suit your puppy well if he is struggling with the amount of food.

Alessandra Pacelli

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