Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

The cat-craze began in 1998 when the Cat Flower Garden opened in Taiwan. And now, there are over 40 cat cafes in Tokyo alone! In 2014, there was a recorded 7.9 million pet cats in the UK (PFMA), so it's clear to see that as a nation, we are cat crazy.

Last year, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, Shoreditch, opened as London's first ever cat café! Spaced over two floors, the shop has 12 cats roaming around for the customers to play with. They do afternoon tea, high tea, snacks, drinks and many more. But let’s be honest, who’s really going to be paying a visit for the food?

For many of those with the busy city lifestyle, there’s just not enough time or space to have your own pet. Now with Lady Dinah’s, you can have the company of the furry friends you have always wanted! The vision of the emporium is ‘for guests to come in after a long day, sit back, relax, and enjoy a cuppa in the company of cats’. It would certainly be hard not to relax with these cute kitties running around you..

The cats are spoiled, languid, fluffy and very cheeky! At the Cat Emporium, you can get to know their wonderful personalities and come to love them as much as the owners do. Queen bee Mue is the mother of 7 of the 11 cats in the Cat Emporium, so it’s all very cosy as a family affair. But as you can all imagine, it’s very very popular amongst the public, so it’s recommended to book a few weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Sam Gosheron

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