Easter egg hunts are not just for humans!

Easter egg hunts are not just for humans!

I’m sure we've  all experienced the fun of an Easter egg hunt but why limit this to the tiny humans? There is no reason why your pawed friend can't get involved as well!

So, why not throw an Easter egg hunt for your pup and get those tails wagging and noses twitching over some delicious treats.

Here’s what to do:

Grab some of the plastic Easter eggs that can be purchased from supermarkets or craft shops. But make sure they’re big enough so that your dog cannot swallow them and so they can be found easily!

Add some of your pup’s favourite treats – preferably strong smelling to each egg.

We find that treats such as the ones below can be broken up and popped into the eggs. However, human foods such as cheese, ham or chicken can work well too!

Why not try some of these great treats available from Purrfectly Yappy:


Let your dog sniff the eggs (sounds weird, we know!) so he/she can get used to the look and smell of them.

Now, with your pooch out of sight, get hiding – the eggs we mean. Not you. Think about how good your dog’s sense of smell is and don’t be too ambitious. We all remember playing hide and seek, thinking we’d found the best hiding place only to be waiting ages to be found and eventually give up out of boredom. So, keep the eggs at nose (and eye) level and make sure that they can be easily retrieved. We find that the garden or an outdoor area is a good place to play the game, as the smells can travel with the wind. However, inside can work just as well.

Bring your dog to the area you’ve chosen and let them search for the eggs. Of course, if they seem to be struggling offer some assistance, as at the end of the day this is only a fun game.

Hopefully, your dog will gently pop the egg open and gobble the treats! However, if you have naughty spaniels like me, the chances are that your dog may try to eat the whole egg or chew it up, which of course is not ideal. So, keep an eye out for that...

And have fun this Easter Weekend! 

Planning on doing your own easter egg hunt this weekend? Why not email us your pictures or videos to info@purrfectlyyappy.com

Nicole Stacey

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