Choosing The Right Bed For Your Dog

Choosing The Right Bed For Your Dog

Does your dog sleep in your bed? Or maybe the sofa? Although these may be feasible options, it is also important for them to have a quiet and comfortable place to get some rest without any disturbances. So what's the best type of bed for your dog? We have outlined a few options below:

Donut Bed
A donut bed provides padding around the edges to really allow your dog to curl up and sink into it. These beds are often round and extremely comfortable for your dog to cuddle up in. This type of bed is perfect for dogs that like to curl up and get cosy. However, older or weaker dogs may struggle getting in and out of this type of beds. Below are some of our recommended donut beds:

Cradle Bed
These are similar to donut beds and also have support around the edges. However, they are usually square in shape. Below are some of the bestselling cradle beds from

Pillow Bed
This bed is suitable for dogs that enjoy lying off the end of their bed. This style provides a warm place for your dog to sleep, and is suitable for dongs that don't enjoy the structure if a cradle or donut bed. Below are some recommendations:
Snuggle Bed
Snuggle beds are perfect for dogs that enjoy getting cosy under a blanket. These beds come with a pocket to burrow under to stay snug and warm and is especially liked by small dogs and sighthounds.
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