Canine Doppelganger Ronnie Woof!

Canine Doppelganger Ronnie Woof!

You can’t always get what you want, but the Dogs Trust Shoreham have suddenly found themselves with a new rock star resident. The spitting image of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, this homeless hound bears an uncanny resemblance to the geriatric rocker.

Painted black with his shiny mullet and dishevelled appearance, ‘Gimme Shelter’ would have been a rather appropriate song for the previously homeless pup, typically known as Domino. A Saluki cross, Domino is now being referred to as ‘Ronnie Woof’ by the staff at Dogs Trust Shoreham who have been giving him the satisfaction he finally deserves!

Domino’s life started in rather unfortunate circumstances as a stray, although after an emotional rescue, it’s all over now and that will hopefully be the last time Domino has to go through his previous experiences. Thankfully, having been waiting on a friend for some time, he has finally found his very own honky tonk woman after pulling on the heart strings of his new owner.

Tracey Rae is the Rehoming Centre Manager for the Dogs Trust, she had the following to say on Domino and his circumstances:

“We couldn’t believe how much Domino looked like Ronnie Wood, so we had to nickname him ‘Ronnie Woof’ in honour of his doppelganger! We’re thrilled that Domino has found his special someone, who will soon be ‘walking the dog’ day and night. He’s an affectionate boy so he will no doubt enjoy showering his new family with forty licks!

“Unlike Ronnie, there haven’t been too many late nights in the kennels for Domino as he loves a good snooze after a busy day. Instead of strutting his stuff on stage at Wembley stadium, Domino will be happy to soak up the limelight as the star of the show in his new home!”

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