71% of Brits would 'work their holiday destination around their pet'

71% of Brits would 'work their holiday destination around their pet'

A new survey by photo printing company CEWE has found that almost three quarters of Brits (71%) would work their holiday destination around their pet, so they didn’t have to be apart from them.

The survey of more than 2,000 adults in the UK, also revealed that pets are a favourable travel companion, with over a third (35%) of those questioned saying they would prefer to go on holiday with their pet rather than their close friends.

With the UK’s favourite animals bringing happiness, (75%) relaxation (60%) and a sense of calm (55%) to their owners every day, CEWE also tapped into how people feel when having to part from their pets, and it seems ‘peteration anxiety’ is on the rise, with 40% of people admitting they feel ‘worried’ at the thought of being apart from their pets, and 36 percent feeling ‘anxious’.

It seems this can be easily kept at bay however with keeping in touch while away being key to a happy holiday. Surprisingly 20% of people video call (using Facetime or Zoom) to check in on their furry friends.

Leading psychologist and psychotherapist, Charlotte Armitage, said, “It’s natural for pet owners to feel anxious or guilty when separated. It’s an indication of how much we love them and that there’s a meaningful connection.

“A holiday is only a holiday when the mind is able to relax, therefore if our minds are worrying about the safety of our beloved pets, we may not feel the benefits of the holiday in any case. By choosing to holiday with our pets, we can enjoy our holiday whilst avoiding the uncomfortable emotions that come with missing a loved one.”

Stacie Twomey, photo expert at CEWE, commented, “We’ve all become more attached to our pets over the past two years, both physically and emotionally, while spending more time at home. There’s no surprise we have seen an uplift in the number of people wanting to take their family pets away with them.

“We’re certainly seeing a rise in the number of people documenting their pets on holiday through photos that can be treasured for years to come. Whether it’s dogs, cats or even rabbits – our pets have such a profound impact on our lives, so it’s only fair they get to take a break too!”

Alessandra Pacelli

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