Holidaying with your dog

Holidaying with your dog

Summer is not over yet - and besides, everyone knows September is the new August! If you're planning to take a trip with your dog, this is the time to do it. Whether you're planning a road trip, a camping trip, a seaside vacation or simply a hike, it is important to be prepared.

Of course, food is the first thing you need to think of! Unless you're leaving for a day trip, in which case some treats may do, you will need to ensure you bring enough dog food to last the entire trip.

A good rule of thumb is to pack enough to last a couple of days more than the planned trip, to be prepared in case any unexpected issues force you to prolong your stay. A good food carrier will make food easy to transport, as well as keeping it fresh. 

Collapsible food and water bowls are a must: they're lightweight easy to clean, and don't take up too much space - which leaves space for more gear in your bag.

If you are travelling by car, remember that your dog must be secured - not only is it a legal requirement, but it can quite literally save both of your lives in case of accident. For the less dangerous types of accidents in the car, such as muddy paws, a good seat cover is a somewhat less literal lifesaver! 

While it's good to let your dog have a good run off-lead, there are places where it's important to keep them on-lead - such as around livestock, or while hiking. On a hike, hands-free leads to secure at your belt are ideal. 

While camping, you may need to ensure your dog is secured while you're busy - a long line will give you peace of mind, and ensure your dog doesn't wander off or run after wildlife. 

Some dogs can sleep comfortably outdoors - think of Huskies, or Newfoundlands! - but others will need some extra comfort! A good dog bed, better yet if water-resistant and easy to clean, is a must. 

Warm days made camping trips and hikes enjoyable, but remember - overheating is a real risk to your dog, so keep an eye on that and make sure you know what to do

Alessandra Pacelli

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