Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light Pink

$28.00 $24.00
Orbiloc Dog Dual is a Danish-made high quality LED Safety Light designed to keep both you and your dog safe. The Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light ensures that both of you are visible to others when out and about in the dark, drastically reducing the risk of being involved in an accident or dangerous situation. With Orbiloc Dog Dual other road users will be able to spot you from a distance of up to five kilometres, which leaves them plenty of time to react. Orbiloc Dog Dual is made to withstand whatever your dog puts it through. It is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and it can withstand a load of 100 kg. In fact, we trust in the durability of our product so much that we've has given it a three-year warranty. Includes Adjustable Strap, Pink is a colour often associated with sensitivity, politeness and sweetness. The pink light can be paired with almost any colour adding a touch of glamour to your gear