Medipet Pet Flea,Tick & Lice Laundry Treatment


Medipet Pet Flea,Tick & Lice Laundry Treatment

Medipet's unique medicated Laundry Treatment is designed to wash away fleas, ticks & mites. It is ideal for sanitising pet bedding, clothing & linen. Medipet's active ingredient 'hygienilac' removes stains & odours and is scientifically proven to kill bacteria, fungi & viruses even at 30 degrees.

 - Ideal for pet bedding, clothing & linen

- Washes away fleas, mites & tick exoskeleton remains

- Kills bacteria & viruses

- Removes stains & odours

- Effective at low temperatures

- BSEN approved*


Medipet's Pet Flea,Tick & Lice Laundry Treatment leaves active ingredients in the fabric which continue to kill odours & bacteria. Sometimes it's not enough just to treat fleas on your pet - 97% of fleas & lice live in your pet's environment. They live in pet bedding, clothing & linens. Not only can they harm your pet, but they can also cause wheezing & allergic reactions in humans. It is important to clean & launder pet bedding, clothing & linens regularly.


Bottle size: 250ml