Cycle Dog English Flag Anti Bacterial No Stink Collar


The No Stink, Anti-Bacterial Dog collar in this patriotic English Flag pattern is made from recycled inner bicycle tubes. The reclaimed rubber is hand sewn onto the back of the fabric which then prevents bacteria from growing, the collar from becoming sticky and also stinky! Added features on the collar include a Latch-Lock metal buckle fastener, an ID Spot Loop Attach, a handy Pup Top Bottle Opener & a lead attachment.

Medium: 1" Wide x 12" - 21" Neck

Large: 1" Wide x 17" - 27" Neck

Additional information and key product features:
No Stink Anti Bacterial English Flag Dog Collar.
Made from recycled inner bicycle tubes.
Environmentally friendly.
Features Latch Lock Metal Buckle Fastener, ID Loop Attach & Pup Top Bottle Opener
Made in the USA.