Creature Clothes Squeak-Free Eco Bone Dog Toy in Red and White


A squeak free dog toy in a red and white striped fabric.

The squeak-less toy with eco friendly credentials. Made using Creature Clothes' fabric off-cuts, these toys minimize impact on the environment by minimizing waste. Creature Clothes re-use as much of their waste as possible, which is why they designed this great little doggy toy/pillow/comforter/chin rest. They are filled with chopped up fleece off-cuts, so in the event of destruction, the pieces should do your dog no harm and are easy to clear up too. A MUST for soppy Retrievers who like to carry around socks or shoes.

About the Brand:

Creature Clothes strive to create beautiful, ethical and environmentally aware products for you, your pets, your kids and your home.  They design everything in-house, test all of their products before sale, and manufacture everything in the UK, primarily in their Suffolk workshop.