Traditional Dog Bandana by Arton & Co

Traditional Dog Bandana by Arton & Co

People have been dressing animals for centuries, in fact there is even evidence that the ancient Egyptians were using decorative neck-wear to adorn their pet’s centuries ago. In 1440 BC, the ancient nobleman, Maiharpiri, was laid to rest with a collar belonging to his dog, Tantanouit who he would have wanted to take into the afterlife with him. During the reign of King Henry VIII, dogs were given decorative collars of silver, gold, silk and velvet to indicate how many battles the dogs had survived. Fast forward 500 years and with the birth of the internet, dog fashion has since become a global business.

Arton & Co on the other hand are just over a year old, having established themselves as a leading retailer in fashionable accessories for canines in January 2016. They take existing styles and combine them with their own quintessentially British influence thus creating a stylish working product for your pet but also a reflection of your individual style. Using responsible, handmade materials, their products contain embellished nylons, with a variety of ribbons and soft cotton fabrics that result in subtle, classic designs.

This lovely handmade bandana made with red and white striped fabric is sure to add a bit of formal elegance to your pet’s wardrobe and at only £5 it’s a bit of a steal. Taking its inspiration from the traditional bandana design, these are then cut into a square shape and folded in half before they are then simply fastened around the dog’s neck creating a stylish neckerchief.

Available in number of different sizes ranging from small to large there is sure to be a size to fit your dog, although if your dog’s neck size is borderline we recommend you purchase the size up. The bandanas can easily be rolled at the top to make them smaller.


Small: 50cm- Diagonal

Medium: 63cm- Diagonal

Large: 76cm - Diagonal

If you’re unsure as to your pup’s neck dimension, then take a tape measure and wrap it around the dog’s neck. Take two of your fingers and place them between your dog’s neck and the tape measure.

You can shop the full range of stylish accessories from Arton & Co here

If you do not have a tape measure, get a piece of string and wrap it around the dog’s neck. As with the tape measure place two fingers between the dog’s neck and the tape. Keep a mark on the string and then lie the string on a ruler, this will then tell you the right measurement.
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