World Record Breaking Cats!

World Record Breaking Cats!

Team GB is returning home victorious after spectacular success at the Olympics, and in the two weeks we saw many new records set. Speaking of record breakers, pets have their own records to break. Last week we covered canines and this week we’re looking at some of the weird and wonderful records set by cats.

Longest Jump

The ‘Longest Jump by a cat’ was recorded on the 27 October 2013 in Austin, Texas. The long jumper was a cat called Alley, owned by Samantha Martin, who jumped 182.88 centimetres.

Loudest purr 

Thirteen year old Merlin holds the world record for ‘Loudest purr by a domestic cat’ for reaching 67.8 decibels. It was set on 2 April 2015 at his owner Tracy Westwood’s home in Torquay, Devon.


Wealthiest cat

Ben Rea clearly loved his cats, and when he died in May 1988, he left his £7 million fortune to Blackie, his last surviving cat out of the 15 he shared his mansion with. He refused to recognise his family in his will and shared the majority of his wealth between three cat charities, with instructions to care for his beloved pet.  Blackie, from the UK, became a feline millionaire. 

Wealthiest cat

First cat concert

On 5 June 2009 the very ‘First piano concerto for cat’ was held. ‘Catcerto’, a four-minute piano concerto for chamber orchestra and cat, was composed by Mindaugas Piecaitis and performed in Lithuania. The piece accompanies a video recording of Nora the cat pawing at notes on a piano. Nora from New Jersey, USA, was rescued by piano teacher Betsy Alexander and named Cat of the Year in the annual ASPCA Humane Awards.

Oldest living cat

The average life expectancy for a domestic cat is around 15 years, so Corduroy from Oregon, USA, is doing pretty well at 27. He was born on the 1 August 1989 and lives with his owner Ashley Reed Okura who was just seven when he came to live with her family as a kitten.

Sam Gosheron

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