Ugly dog contest seeks to celebrate the 'uncute'

Ugly dog contest seeks to celebrate the 'uncute'

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to each of us, our dogs are the cutest... but sometimes even we have to admit that our beloved pets may not be the best looking by most people's definition! This doesn't mean we don't love them all the more for it. Now, owners of 'ugly' dogs have been invited to enter a national contest - conventionally pretty ones need not apply!

The competition, run by photography company, has been set-up to find the UK’s 'ugliest' dog. Dog owners are being invited to send in photos of their pets with the prize of a professional doggie makeover. as well as a before and after photo session.

A spokesman said, “Britain is a nation of dog lovers but there are some pets out there with a face only a mother could love. We are talking about the pug ugly mutts who are truly difficult to look at.

"There are some awful looking dogs out there but we wanted to give all of them the chance to shine. If you think your dog is butt ugly then we want to hear from you. The winning mutt will be treated to a professional grooming and a before and after photo session."

The contest is open for entries now with a closing date of 31 December 2022. The 12 shortlisted dogs will be announced in the New Year, and the selection of an overall winner will follow. To find out how to apply visit or email your entry to

Alessandra Pacelli

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