Travel Wags Tote Bag Set

Travel Wags Tote Bag Set

Travel Wags first came about when television journalist and dog lover Sarah Hall – most famous for working on New Zealand’s version of 60 Minutes – and well known Kiwi designer Sonya Cotter, failed to discover a dog walking bag and weekend bag all in one. When overseas on assignment, Sarah would struggle to find anything resembling exactly what it was she needed. She found herself endlessly searching pet shop after pet shop for what she presumed was a simple yet much needed concept. So, like the birth of many businesses, Sarah had found a problem which needed resolving and thus, after two years in development, Travel Wags was born!

Sonya Cotter had originally studied at the New Zealand Institute of Design where she became renowned for her use of style and colour that ensured her products were not only visually pleasing, but functional too. This grey tote bag is the perfect example of Cotter’s aesthetic with its grey thatched stitching, orange seams and black leather handle. Its functionality can be seen in the detachable lead which also works as a longer shoulder strap and the size and dimensions of the water bottle which, despite still holding 420ml of liquid, fits easily into its own compartment within the bag. The chiller bag is also easily stored within the tote bag and is large enough to contain reasonable amounts of both fresh and dried dog food.

Features and Benefits:

  • A detachable emergency lead
  • A 420ml BPA free water bottle
  • Two silicon collapsible bowls
  • A chiller bag for either fresh or dried food which slips neatly into the tote
  • Biodegradable poop bags in a nifty pocket which functions as a doggie bag dispenser
  • Space for toys, blankets or any other essentials


36cm Wide, 34cm High, 18cm Deep

Price: £127.50

George Welsby

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