Top Six Dos and Don'ts of Sleeping with your Dog

Top Six Dos and Don'ts of Sleeping with your Dog

Sleep tech firm Simba, in collaboration with renowned animal behaviorist Professor Peter Neville, talk about the dos and don'ts of sleeping with your dog.

DO keep the room cool
Your precious pooch comes with a built-in fur coat to keep them warm in cold weather, so they can easily overheat in warm temperatures - and a warm bed. Long and thick-coated breeds are especially prone to warming up quickly, while short and thin-coated breeds may feel the cold more easily and need a warmer room and bed, or even a coat in chilly weather.

Just like humans, dogs struggle to sleep when the bedroom is too hot. So turn off or lower the heat, crack open a window if it's safe to do so, or use a fan or air  conditioner to keep the room cool.

DO your best to tire your pooch out before bedtime
The study results revealed that our furry friends can be quite active during the night, however, there's a simple way to help them (and you) get a better night's sleep: by tiring them out before bedtime.

Take your dog for an evening jog or leisurely stroll to help wear them out. Alternatively, a quick 10-15-minute play session with some chase or tug toys can do the trick. Similarly to humans, dogs can benefit from a calming bedtime routine that signals it’s time to get ready for sleep. So, after your exercise or play time, wind them down with some quiet cuddles and grooming to get them ready for a restful night.

DON’T feed them or give them too much water before hitting the hay
Like us, man’s best friend may experience discomfort and frequent bathroom breaks if they eat or drink too much before bedtime - so avoid feeding your pooch in the evening or excessive drinking.

Consider giving them their last meal of the day earlier - perhaps mid-afternoon - and limiting their access to water a few hours before bedtime to help reduce nocturnal activity (unless it's hot or right after their last walk or play session).

DO keep your canine zen to catch some zzz's
About half an hour before hitting the hay, give your hound some space and ignore their attempts to keep playing. You don't want them bouncing off the walls when you're trying to drift off to the land of nod.

Wind them down with some calming strokes and brushing to prep them for bedtime - and don't forget to keep the snuggles coming once you're tucked in, so they can join you in dreamland - in the comfiest sleeping position possible.

DO keep your bed clean and cozy for you and your furry friend
Let's face it, our hounds can bring some serious dirt and germs into the house from their outdoor adventures. So, to help you both have a comfortable and healthy sleep, make sure to wash and change your bed sheets regularly, washing them on a high heat to kill off any unwanted bacteria.

DO get a bed as big as possible
When sharing a bed with our furry friends, the bigger the bed, the better. This way, your pooch can sprawl out in style so you can both drift off in peace. No more kicking or pushing each other off the bed!

Alessandra Pacelli

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