Top 10 Best Dog-Friendly Holiday Destinations in the UK for 2024

Top 10 Best Dog-Friendly Holiday Destinations in the UK for 2024

From charming seaside towns in the south to historic villages in the north, the UK is brimming with destinations perfect for pet parents to explore with their dogs. But which location truly stands out for our four-legged friends?

Pet insurance experts Petsure have revealed the best coastal locations for a dog-friendly holiday this summer. To find out, Petsure evaluated 40 popular UK holiday destinations, ranking them based on the percentage of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, spas, and pubs, the number of local vets, and the availability of dog-friendly hikes. They also provided tips on packing and pet travel insurance to help pet parents plan the perfect dogcation this summer.

Lymington: Top Choice for a Dogcation

Lymington, Hampshire, offers the most dog-friendly hikes with 169 trails, ranging from nature reserves to scenic coastal routes. The town also features 19 dog-friendly restaurants and 57 dog-friendly pubs, perfect for post-walk relaxation. With 35 vet practices within a 20-mile radius, pet parents have access to necessary veterinary care.

Bournemouth: Second Place

Bournemouth ranks second with 58 vets and 45 dog-friendly hotels. The town offers 87 hiking routes, 35 dog-friendly restaurants, and 43 dog-friendly bars and pubs, making it a great destination for pet parents.

Tynemouth: Best for Veterinary Care

Tynemouth, a coastal town in the northeast of England, ranks third with 71 vets and 25 dog-friendly hiking options. Half of the hotels in the town welcome dogs, making it easier to find a comfortable place to stay.

Dartmouth and Bamburgh: Rounding Off the Top Five

Dartmouth in Devon ranks fourth, followed by Bamburgh in Northumberland. Bamburgh is notable for having half of its restaurants being dog-friendly.

Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Dogcation

Pet insurance expert and dog parent Allie Simpson offers tips for a smooth trip:

  • Pack essentials like your dog's lead, harness, and collar with an ID tag (required by law).
  • Bring bowls for food and water, plus enough food and treats for the trip (and a bit extra).
  • Keep vaccination records and microchip information easily accessible, and create a list of local vets for emergencies.

Importance of Pet Travel Insurance

Allie Simpson also emphasizes the importance of pet travel insurance:

  • Pet insurance can provide peace of mind in case your dog falls ill or has an accident during the holiday.
  • Keep your dog's vaccination records and microchip information handy.
  • Make a list of local vet clinics and hospitals, and check their opening hours and services in advance.

With these insights, you can plan a memorable and worry-free dogcation this summer.

Alessandra Pacelli

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