Three Ways to Justify Buying that Luxury Pet Carrier

Three Ways to Justify Buying that Luxury Pet Carrier

So you have come to the decision you need a pet carrier, and you’re torn between that functional and cheap plastic carrier (it’ll do the job well enough), and the beautiful luxury one (it’s just SO PRETTY). The question is, how do you justify spending that extra money on something to move your pet around? It can be a little difficult, no matter how tempting the pet carrier. However, if you decide that only the best will do for your pet, then we’re here to help you feel a bit better about splashing out.


You need a luxury pet carrier because your pet has become accustomed to the best of everything. 

Every pet owner knows that your cat or dog will find a way to curl up on your expensive sofa or burrow into your bed. I used to have a Jack Russell called Eddie that would claim every basket of freshly washed laundry as his bed, resulting in all of the clothes and sheets being covered in paw prints and dog hair.

If your pet is anything like my Jack Russell, they will definitely appreciate the finer things in life. 

It’s an investment!

Ok, so the cheap carrier might last well enough, but really, how many pet carriers are you going to buy? If it’s just the one, it might as well be functional, stylish and built to last.

It’s less obvious

I can’t be the only person guilty of trying to sneak a look at what pet is in the carrier. Let’s be honest, your pet is irresistible. You don’t have time to be stopped by everyone who wants to take a look at your pet. Some pet carriers are so subtle nobody would ever know that a pet was in your bag (until it started to move about or make noise). For the busy pet owner, the luxury pet carrier is a necessity! 

Hopefully we have made it a little easier to come to your decision on the pet carrier. Whatever you choose, cheap or luxury, pet carriers are really useful. They can make trips on public transport easier, trips to the vet less stressful and provide your pet with a familiar secure environment when you are taking them to new places.

Jessica Barratt

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