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The Trick to Treating Your Dog to Halloween

The Trick to Treating Your Dog to Halloween

The Trick to Getting The Right Spooky Costume

Dogs generally would choose having the ability to move properly over looking the best at Halloween. In my personal experience I always found bandanas or capes that don’t touch the ground to be more suitable than elaborate costumes that are often heavy and cumbersome for a dog. If you do feel your pooch would like to be really dressed up, then try putting it on before the big night and see how easily they move. Also think about only putting it on for a photo instead of them walking about in it all night if it feels a bit heavy.

How to Treat!

Most dog owners are often conscious of this but the people around you (especially those that have just learnt to walk) may be unaware of what is and is not ok to feed your dog. Make sure that no one traveling with you thinks that that they are being nice by sharing some of their treasure trove with your best friend! For what your dog can and can’t eat, it’s always better to check each product individually, but chocolate and anything hard like a lollypop is a big no no!

This doesn’t mean your best friend has to miss out however as some people give a few neighbours a treat to give the dog as they visit them. But I found when walking from door to door myself that dogs often get a lot of attention, so it’s better to just bring treats with you and give them to people to feed the dog. Be warned though they will be bounding up to every door once they work out how it all works!

Dogs Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Your dog doesn’t celebrate Halloween. It may seem self-explanatory but your dog is going to have no idea what is going on. So, lots of excited people running around up to strangers’ doors can cause some problems. The most likely is that your dog goes running right past the person opening it and into their house. It’s something I didn’t even think about the first time as my pooch was so well behaved, but she just assumed that we were going in! It was really embarrassing but my neighbour was nice about it (despite the fact she had run over new carpet in an animal free house). Obviously, you can keep your dog on a lead and I would advise most people too but if you don’t make sure you can recognize them from far away in pitch black darkness in case they get caught up in the excitement and lose you!


Just a tip about getting your dog really involved in Halloween, perhaps do a joint costume? Some suggestions are Santa and a Reindeer/Elf, A famous dog like Krypto, Bolt, Scooby or and I have NEVER done this myself, but I have a “friend” that dressed up her dog like her and she dressed up like her dog.

Peter Chamberlain

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