Summer Travel Guilt: Pet Owners Struggle with Leaving Dogs Behind

Summer Travel Guilt: Pet Owners Struggle with Leaving Dogs Behind

As summer holidays approach, many dog owners are grappling with the guilt of leaving their furry friends at home. A new survey by reveals that 80% of dog owners feel guilty when going on holiday without their pets. This guilt is driving a significant change in travel habits, with more families opting to bring their dogs along.

According to the survey, which polled 2,000 individuals through the travel site, 40% of the UK's 23 million households own a pet. Among these pet owners, 80% report feeling acute guilt when they go on holiday without their dogs. In response, many are changing their holiday plans to include their pets, with an increase of 20% over the past decade of people traveling with dogs. Further, 62% of pet owners discuss their dogs daily while on holiday.

Pet-Friendly Travel on the Rise

The survey found that 37% of families now travel with their dogs, a significant increase of nearly 20% compared to a decade ago. This shift indicates a growing preference for pet-friendly holidays. Notably, 85% of pet owners expressed a desire to opt for local staycations where they can bring their pets, rather than traveling abroad without them.

The Emotional Connection

Highlighting the strong bond between pet owners and their dogs, 62% of respondents admitted they talk about their pets daily while on holiday without them. This constant chatter underscores the integral role dogs play in their owners' lives, even when separated by miles.

Pet-Friendly Destinations

The survey also identified the south-east as the most pet-friendly region for traveling, followed by the south-west and east of England. These areas are noted for their abundance of walking trails and dog-friendly pubs, making them ideal destinations for pet-inclusive holidays.

Expert Insights

Richard Young, founder of, commented on the findings: “Our survey clearly highlights a significant cultural shift towards pet-friendly travel in the UK. With more facilities and accommodations catering to dogs and their owners, the trend of taking pets on holiday is expected to continue rising, ensuring that our beloved pets are no longer left behind when their families go on holiday.”

As the trend of pet-friendly travel grows, it is evident that dogs are becoming an integral part of family vacations, alleviating the guilt associated with leaving them behind and enhancing the holiday experience for everyone.

Alessandra Pacelli

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