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Signs of Arthritis to Look For in Your Dog

Signs of Arthritis to Look For in Your Dog

Due to a recent cold spell, canine experts are warning pet owners to keep an eye on their dogs for arthritic symptoms, as arthritic dogs will suffer more during this time.
Arthritis is a common condition that affects thousands of dogs of all breeds and ages, and owners should keep an eye out for symptoms over the winter months. As well as older dogs, young dogs can be affected too. Osteoarthritis can be brought on by previous damage to the joint so if your puppy has suffered an injury, they could be susceptible in the years to come.
Signs to look out for:
Uneven walking - are they avoiding putting weight on a particular leg?
Stiffness, especially when getting up after they've been laying down/sitting for a while
Persistently licking or chewing their feet - to distract from the pain
Avoidance of grooming, stroking or being touched in a particular area
Lameness or limping
Difficulty/reluctance to do a physical activity they never struggled with previously
Change in body shape - neck (collar size) and shoulders becoming larger, hind quarters looking 'smaller', and a hunch developing.
The Kennel Club provide more information on their website. (
Megan Chapple

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