Shedding season: Expert tips for removing dog hair in your home

Shedding season: Expert tips for removing dog hair in your home

As autumn starts, pet owners will notice that their furry friends are starting to shed their summer coats in preparation for the colder months. The cleaning experts at Gtech have shared the best ways to control pet hair in the home.

How to manage shedding around the home

1. It all starts with a healthy diet

Like us, dogs need vital vitamins and nutrients to keep their hair follicles nice and strong to help minimise breakage.

Look for meat-rich dog food and try to avoid high levels of corn and grains. These options may be slightly more costly but are packed with nutrients that your dog can digest a lot easier. This will promote healthier skin and therefore help control shedding and dry skin.

Your vet will be able to offer more tailored nutrition advice for your dog, and always make sure to consult them before giving your dog any kind of vitamin supplement. 

2. Keep up with regular grooming 

Regularly brushing your dog's coat catches any dead hair, however, it’s important to choose the right brush for your dog.

For dogs that shed a lot, a de-shedding tool is a must. These brushes will remove the hair with ease, reaching the undercoat which otherwise is very difficult to get to.

Regular trips to the groomers are a great way to keep on top of shedding and avoid their coats becoming matted or tangled. Regular grooming is not only great for your home, but also essential for your dog's health as matting can cause uncomfortable skin conditions.

3. Have a regular bath routine

Bathing your dog removes any dead hair, that would otherwise fall out around the home, so is great for reducing your cleaning requirements.

But be careful not to over-bathe your dog, as this can cause adverse effects. Dogs have sensitive skin, so overbathing can really dry out the skin and cause irritation and itchiness which could result in further shedding and is very uncomfortable for your dog.

If your pooch has sensitive skin, oatmeal baths are great to soothe any irritated patches. Simply combine oats with warm water to create a smooth liquid and use it as a regular shampoo.

4. Find the right cleaning device

Even with extra TLC, shedding is natural, and you will still find hair around the home. The key is to act fast and clean up little and often to keep it manageable.

Specialist pet vacuums will be your best friend. Stubborn pet hair can strain a normal cleaning device, especially at this time of year, so investing in a specially made vacuum will make the job a lot easier.

Try to vacuum in different directions to help catch any stubborn hairs that have become intertwined in carpet fibres.

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