Quaran-tin: dog gets emergency treatment after tongue stuck in tuna tin can

Quaran-tin: dog gets emergency treatment after tongue stuck in tuna tin can

Bonnie was hoping for a tuna snack, but what she got was a trip to the vet’s after her tongue got stuck in the tin can. The ten-year-old Staffie cross managed to gain access to the recycling bin, where the empty tin can had been thrown, but her little heist did not end as planned.

Owner Louisa Davis said, “We heard some scuffling in the kitchen and the next thing we saw was a tuna can stuck to her face! It was shocking to see!

“Her tongue was trapped in the can and I tried to remove it myself but the tin was so sharp I didn’t want to make it worse and badly cut her. I called PDSA to see if they could help, and they told me to bring her straight in.”

Louise took Bonnie, who was becoming increasingly distresses and in pain, to Nottingham PDSA Pet Hospital. Due to her distressed state, PDSA Vet Sarah Campbell decided to give her an anaesthetic so that the tin could be removed safely by the vet team.

Sarah said, “Once she was under the anaesthetic the can was relatively easy to remove. We were able to carefully remove it so the cut to her tongue was small and luckily she didn’t need any stitches.

“It was a very unusual case to see, which could have become very serious if the tin had cut the tongue deeply. But thankfully we were able to remove the can safely and Bonnie was able to go home the same day to recover from her ordeal.”

With Bonnie safely home and on the mend, Louisa added, “Bonnie has never done anything like this before, but it’s a lesson learnt and we’ll be keeping a close eye on her to avoid something like this happening again.”

Images by PDSA

Alessandra Pacelli

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