Picking a bandana for your dog

Picking a bandana for your dog

Some of our bestsellers on PurrfectlyYappy.com are dog bandanas – and it’s easy to understand why! Whether you opt for an over-the-collar bandana or one that you tie up, bandanas are a great way to add a pop of colour and style – great for insta-perfect pictures. Here, we answer two of our most frequently asked questions about dog bandanas.


Which style of bandana is best for my dog?


The first thing you want to decide is whether you should opt for an over-the-collar bandana or one which you tie at the back. Typically, over-the-collar bandanas are a little smaller than traditional bandanas, but they are great if your dog isn’t keen on wearing any kind of accessory. As most dog collars are a similar width, over-the-collar bandanas are usually made with standard sizing, designed to simply slide over the collar. We love these as it allows your dog wears their collar as normal - just with a fun design you can switch from time to time!




If you want more fabric on your bandana or one which is a little less structured, you’ll probably prefer a traditional tie bandana for your dog. They are also ideal if your dog wears a wide collar, such as a hound collar, which wouldn’t be suitable for an over-the-collar design. Traditional tie bandanas can either be square, which are worn folded over and tied at the back for a fuller finish, or a more lightweight triangle. As tied triangular bandanas use less fabric and require less finishing than over-the-collar or square bandanas, you can find some very affordable options – which is great news if your dog tends to be a bit of a mucky pup!


How do I tie my dog’s bandana?


There are lots of tips online as to how to tie your dog’s bandana – but it should be fine if you don’t tie it too tight (make sure you can comfortably fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the bandana when tied) and ensure your dog is supervised while wearing it! If you’re not sure about sizing, always go a little bigger for tied bandanas – you can always roll down the bandana to fit, and extra fabric makes it easier to tie up.


We have some great options at PurrfectlyYappy.com for all breeds and budgets! Why not take a look?


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